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本文摘要:In a move that may cause headaches ─ real ones ─ for millions of people, China is about to launch a 3D television channel. That has the government sounding nearly as excited as any Hollywood executive exploiting 3D to make extra bucks.Bloo


In a move that may cause headaches ─ real ones ─ for millions of people, China is about to launch a 3D television channel. That has the government sounding nearly as excited as any Hollywood executive exploiting 3D to make extra bucks.Bloomberg News今年中国春晚的电视屏幕前,将经常出现这样的观众?令其数百万人有可能困惑(生理上的困惑,并非比喻)的是,中国将发售一个3D电视频道。这使政府展现出得完全与利用3D来更加多赚的好莱坞高管一样兴奋不已。Striving as it always does to keep up with global technological trends and to enhance Chinas own tech prowess, the government is orchestrating a planned Jan. 1 trial launch for Chinas first 3D TV channel. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Chinas broadcasting regulator, is working on the project with the countrys state broadcaster, China Central Television, and with regional TV stations from Beijing, Shanghai and three other areas.在一如既往地谋求追上全球技术潮流、强化中国自身技术实力的过程中,政府正在的组织明年1月1日中国首个3D电视频道的试播。

中国国家广播电影电视总局目前正在与中央电视台、北京、上海和其他三个地区的地方电视台合力前进这一项目。The launch of the 3D TV trial channel will be a new milestone in the history of the development of broadcasting and television in China, symbolizing that Chinas broadcasting and television [sector] is closely following global development trends, Sarft said in a statement Tuesday. The new channel will also bring new audio-visual enjoyment to the people, drive upgrades of set-top boxes and possibly fuel local development of technology and standards for 3D TV, it said.国家广电总局周二发表声明说道,3D电视试验频道的播出将是我国广播电视发展史上的一个新的里程碑,标志着我国广播电视紧随世界发展潮流,踏入了新的发展阶段。声明说道,3D电视频道还将为人民群众带给新的视听享受,造就电视机的更新换代,还可以推展研发自律知识产权的3D电视技术和标准。


The new channel will upgrade from trial to formal operations around the time of the Chinese New Year holiday in late January.3D电视频道将在明年1月下旬春节前后由试播改以月播映。So will 3D TV flop in China, or is it just crazy enough to work? On one hand, Chinas growing class of wealthy consumers may be a receptive audience. Such TV sets are already selling faster than the dearth of 3D content would suggest. IHS iSuppli analyst Kathleen Zhang estimates there were more than five million 3D TV sets shipped in China this year, and that shipments next year could reach around 12 million units.那么,3D电视在中国是不会告终,还是不会受到冷玉女而大获得顺利?一方面,中国日益壮大的富足消费者可能会欣然接受3D电视。

3D电视机的销售速度早已多达了3D电视内容的匮乏所似乎的速度。研究机构IHS iSuppli分析师Kathleen Zhang估算,今年中国3D电视发货量多达500万台,明年的发货量未来将会超过大约1,200万台。But the key may lie in how good the 3D content on TV is, and how quickly that content expands. (3D-TV owners can also make full use of their sets by investing in 3D DVDs and a capable player, but even the rich may balk at buying too many pricey 3D movies.)不过,关键有可能在于3D电视内容的质量以及3D电视内容扩充的速度。

(3D电视用户还可以对电视展开更进一步的充分利用,出售3D光盘和适当的播放器,但即使是有钱人也有可能对出售过于多价格不菲的3D电影生畏。)So far, the people buying 3D sets arent making much use of the bundled glasses. Theyve been willing to buy the 3D sets because their prices arent too far off from TVs that are 2D-only, and they may be able to make use of the extra function in the future, Ms. Zhang says.目前为止,出售3D电视机的人并不大看3D电视节目。Zhang说道,他们不愿出售3D电视机是因为价格与传统电视机差距并不大,今后也许需要中用3D功能。Chinas new 3D channel will initially have just four-and-a-half hours of new content each evening, which will be repeated twice during the following day before that days new content appears, for a total of 13.5 hours of programming a day, according to Sarft. The content will include cartoons, sports programming, films on special topics, variety shows and programming from major events such as the London Olympics and Chinas annual Spring Festival gala, a series of comedic skits and other performances shown on TV during each Chinese New Year holiday, Sarft said.据国家广电总局说道,3D电视频道每晚首播4.5小时,每天重播两次,共计播映13.5小时。


频道内容主要还包括动漫、体育、专题片、影视剧、综艺等类型的3D电视节目,以及根本性活动的现场转播(如春晚、伦敦奥运会等)。Thats a start, but its not much. 3D content currently remains a relatively big problem, Ms. Zhang says.这只是一个小小的开始。Zhang说道,3D电视内容目前仍是一个较小的问题。